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Congrats to this years Scholarship Recipients!

This year six scholarships were awarded to CF patients for post-secondary education and one scholarship for a summer internship in Portland, Oregon, for a total of seven scholarships!

Congratulations to the 2015 CNCF Scholarship Award Recipients!

Paige, College of Saint Mary, 4th-year recipient

Gabrielle, University of Nebraska-Omaha, 4th-year recipient

Brittney, Wayne State College, 4th-year recipient

Bridget, Nebraska Methodist College, 2nd-year recipient

Jared, Wayne State College, 2nd-year recipient

Kara, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1st-year recipient

Hayden, Summer Internship in Portland, Oregon

CNCF is proud to promote post-secondary education and job training programs for CF patients. To date, CNCF has given out nearly a half million dollars for scholarships, grants, and transplant funds to CF patients!

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